Michael Shafar chats his upcoming ‘Movember’ shows

Standup legend (and TikTok addict) Michael Shafar is returning to the stage. We took five with him to chat about his upcoming shows.

As we all know, this era of lockdowns has been particularly tough on Melbourne. The city’s comics — including Michael Shafar — are more than eager to get back on stage.

He’s had it pretty rough in recent times. Aside from getting very familiar with the four walls of his abode, he’s also a cancer survivor. But as he explains, everything is a fertile ground for comedy.

He gave us the lowdown on his upcoming gigs — the profits of which are going to Movember to raise funds for men’s health.

Michael Shafar

HAPPY: Hey there Michael! Whereabouts do you find yourself today?

MICHAEL: Today, I found myself at Decjuba Kids because my girlfriend asked me to exchange a jacket for her. When I went in and told the shopgirl that “my girlfriend bought this jacket from this kids’ store and needs a smaller size” she gave me a funny look and clearly assumed I must be on a register. More literally, I find myself at my home in Melbourne, Australia.

HAPPY: It must be a massive relief to be returning to live shows after the Melbourne lockdowns. How did you manage to stay sane during this time?

MICHAEL: I’m not sure if I did stay sane, but I think everyone is now insane, so we kind of don’t realise it. I did join TikTok during lockdown, so that probably provides an uncomfortable insight into how my mental health has been over the last few months.

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HAPPY: Have you felt a change in the comedy community since the pandemic? What are your predictions for comedy in the future — are we still too sore from the lockdowns to laugh about it?

MICHAEL: All the comedians I know are just itching to get back on stage to fill that deep void that we all have that can only be filled with the validation of strangers which is, obviously, the healthiest way to live one’s life.

I actually think we’re quite happy to laugh about lockdown among ourselves. But, as soon as we hear someone from another city or state complain about their lockdown we tend to immediately start yelling: “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS LIKE IN MELBOURNE!!! I HAD TO USE LASAGNA SHEETS FOR TOILET PAPER!!!!”

HAPPY: Tell us about your upcoming show in Sydney!

MICHAEL: Oooh! I’m very excited about it. I’ve got a bunch of new jokes that everyone will enjoy (unless you’re an anti-vaxxer). I’m also a Movember ambassador this year and am giving all the profits from the shows to Movember to raise funds for men’s health.

It means that by the time the shows come around at the end of the month, audiences will be able to check out my pathetic attempt at a moustache. Previously, the most I’ve been able to grow on my upper lip is a bit of bumfluff, so come along and laugh at my jokes or at me looking like a 12-year-old prepubescent boy.

HAPPY: What advice would you have on how to find joy and humour in life, despite its challenges?

MICHAEL: I mean, literally everything can be funny. I’m a testicular cancer survivor, and I even think me having cancer was funny. I lost a testicle, which is pretty hilarious because now I finally feel comfortable in skinny jeans.

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HAPPY: What can we expect in the future for you and comedy? working on anything new?

MICHAEL: Right now I’m making a lot of TikTok videos that are getting anti-vaxxers quite riled up in the comments. This has now become my number one passion in life.

HAPPY: How can we buy tickets?

MICHAEL: My TikTok videos are free, but you can get tickets to my Sydney shows at the Factory Theatre on 25-26 November (as well as my upcoming shows in Melbourne and Perth) through my website.

Also, you can probably buy tickets on the door, but I think only boomers do that.