Microsoft tempting tragedy with new VR glove controller patent

Microsoft tempting tragedy with new VR glove controller patent

The VR glove is a novel concept. However, Microsoft might be setting itself up for ridicule with their new Power Glove-like patent.

The VR glove is potentially the final missing part of the immersive video game experience; just imagine being able to feel the weight of a sword in your hand as you travel through the lands of one of the many upcoming VR games. But it also really might not be.

Microsoft has reportedly patented a VR glove that will enable players to experience a combination of haptic feedback and weight through a “force-applying mechanism“. This mysterious mechanism could be almost anything; hell, it might not even work.

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Image: Haptx Gloves Development Kit

That said, Techradar report that the device will work by having the mechanism “apply force feedback against your knuckles, better simulating object interaction.” The same report states that the patent implies the VR glove will have applications for video games and “professional use”,…whatever that is.

Now, if you think you’re picking up a hint of cynicism from yours truly, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Controllers that try too hard to innovate have earned a reputation for disappointment.

In fact, one of the most prominent examples of this failure, the Power Glove, should serve as an ominous warning to Microsoft and their patented VR glove. The challenge lies in integrating new technology in a way that actually makes a video game more fun.

Whether Microsoft’s VR glove can achieve that remains to be seen, as does the appetite of game developers to utilise such a controller.

What makes news of this patent even more surprising is that Microsoft hasn’t demonstrated much interest in VR gaming in the past; there is currently no Xbox VR set to compete with PlayStation VR.

The VR glove patent may signify that Microsoft is looking to correct this. Although in truth, we are going to have to wait for an official announcement before we really know what’s going on here.

Rest assured, we will do our best to keep an eye on this one as it develops.