M&Ms new ‘inclusive’ makeover has Twitter going wild

Mars have made the Green M&M less sexy in a failed attempt to appeal to Gen Z – and the memes are flowing.

M&Ms have undergone a makeover to give the confectionary a more inclusive look, but opinions are divided.

Ignoring the fact that the changes were for the sole purpose of corporate manipulation, the inclusion of a non-binary, Brown M&M is a nice touch. But then they’ve gone ahead and shamed the Green choccie for wearing knee-high boots?!

Green M&M
The Green M&M’s iconic go-go boots have been swapped for sneakers | Credit: Mars

Gen Z isn’t happy about the Green M&M, who was known for being sassy and flirting with the other M&Ms on the ads, regardless of their gender. But now, Mars has swapped out her go-go boots for a pair of sneakers to “reflect confidence and empowerment as a strong female,” because apparently you can’t be sexy and a strong woman at the same time.

More than 4,300 people have even signed a change.org petition to “Keep the Green M&M Sexy” and as usual, Twitter has provided a plethora of memes.

Don’t worry, we’re not salty Boomers who can’t cope with companies changing the racist names of foods that they didn’t care about until now. But if you’re going to make your mascots more ‘inclusive’, don’t change the one that was already an LGBTQIA+ icon.

The now, openly anxious Orange M&M is pretty much a caricature of problematic stereotypes about anxiety. But the most pressing issue from the revamp is that conservative American television host, Tucker Carlson no longer wants to “have a drink” with the new look M&Ms.

His freaky fantasy of hitting on a cartoon M&M at a bar has been ruined, and we’re not here to kink shame, but it’s a friggen chocolate, dude.

So in short, let the Green M&M be sexy if she wants to be, and keep the greasy mitts of Tucker Carlson at least 50 meters away from her at all times.