Molly Meldrum mooned everyone at Elton John’s Melbourne concert

Australian music icon Molly Meldrum has scarred Melbourne concertgoers by dropping his pants during a surprise appearance on stage with Elton John.

Molly Meldrum? Moor like Molly Moondrum (ba dum tss)!

In a surprise appearance at Sir Elton John‘s concert on Friday night, Meldrum “treated” the AAMI Park Melbourne audience to a full moon by dropping his daks on stage for all to see.

Elton John Australia
Credit: Getty Images

The terrifying incident (and trust me, it is a terrifying sight) began when Sir Elton paid tribute to Meldrum partway through the show.

“He’s quite honestly a national treasure,” said Sir Elton.

“I want to thank him for all the love and loyalty he’s shown me over the years.

Meldrum then appeared on stage to the unsuspecting audience, embracing Sir Elton with a tender kiss before exposing himself to the crowd.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Meldrum blamed the whole ordeal on a faulty belt buckle.

I shouldn’t have crashed Elton’s show. As for my performance being more revealing than it should have been … well, at the start of the night, my belt buckle broke and my pants were already falling down. And on stage, one thing led to another.” said Meldrum
Elton is an icon and a legend. I’m just a naughty boy, who needs a new belt.

I’ve shared some uncensored imagery of the incident below for the strong-stomached among you, be warned though – once you’ve seen Molly’s bare arse you cannot unsee it.