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Monday Records Site Development


Our friends at Monday Records who we share the building with are going through a process of rediscovering who they. It’s not the first time either. We still receive emails from bands and poets about Happy (if you recall it was a Happy Monday initiative that started the first lot of Happy gigs at the Sly Fox in 2010) and we still get sent demos from bands that want to be signed. That was fun and we’ll probably do it again later in the year. But for now we’re turning our focus toward recorded music and the releasing there of.


The guys at If You Build It (who we are clearly in cahoots with), are helping re-design and re-develop our digital strategy We’re going to be doing this on the fly so expect ongoing changes. What will emerge is the true heart and soul of the label and people will be able to see that (we hope). We’re also talking to a couple of Sydney bands / singer songwriters so expect some growth on the stable front.


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April 20, 2011

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