Moog unveils Werkstatt-01: their most affordable synth yet

Moog unveils Werkstatt-01: their most affordable synth yet

Moog has released the Werkstatt-01 Synth Kit and CV Expander, a DIY analog synthesiser at a very accessible price point. 

If you’re on a strict budget but still hoping to dive into the analog synthesiser world, the Moog Werkstatt-01 Synth Kit and CV Expander is the stuff of dreams. We first saw this patchable analog synth in 2014 for a brief commercial run and now it’s back at an even more affordable price.

The pricing isn’t the only reason it is an accessible entry-level product. The Werkstatt-01 is a simple-yet-sophisticated, easily assembled instrument, a stripped back version of other Moog models such as Mother 32, Matriarch and Grandmother. This makes it easy to understand for those unfamiliar with analog synthesisers and a very welcoming experience for novices in the synth game. 

affordable synth Werkstatt-01

Despite its desktop-friendly size, the Werkstatt-01 still delivers the signature sound that has made this company of analog purists famous all over the world. 

It comes with a single full-range analog oscillator with selectable waveforms, Moog’s iconic Ladder Filter and an LFO. The CV expander makes patching seamless and lets you connect the Werkstatt-01 to other Moog semi-modular synths or Eurorack systems.

The Werkstatt-01 is back for a limited time. To find out more about this very affordable synth, head to the Moog website.