Morrissey announces new album dubbed “The best album of my life”

Morrissey declares, “(t)he worst year of my life concludes with the best album of my life”, upon announcing his newest record.

A new album from Morrissey will be the first since leaving his label deal with BMG.

Announced only on Sunday, Morrissey hasn’t yet provided a launch date or released a track, but the 11 songs for Bonfire of Teenagers are listed on his website.

Image: Morrissey

The album will be performed at Morrissey’s 5-day Las Vegas residency, which is set to begin in August.

On the announcement of his 14th album, the much-hated singer is still riding down his public decline.

For decades now, The Smiths‘ frontman has transformed into a bitter, outspoken nationalist. His initial advocacy for the rights of animals, gradually descended into xenophobic and racist statements about other cultures.

Morrissey’s 2020 album, I Am Not a Dog on a Chain, reminded audiences of the singer’s devotion to his own reprehensible views and voice. In the titular track, he sings, “I am not a dog on a chain, I use my own brain”.

Morrissey unambiguously references his controversies, “maybe I’ll be skinned alive…because of my views, because of the truth“, a glorification of his own notoriety that lacks subtlety.

I mean… what a wanker, right?

It wouldn’t be a stretch to speculate that Bonfire of Teenagers, which features a track titled Rebel without Applause, will pursue a similar theme — that of his delusional truth-seeking within a world that seemingly does little more than irritate him.