Fresh off their debut EP ‘Love In Limbo’, Nectar list their favourite Aussie bands to look out for

Perth-based psych quartet, Nectar run us through some of their favourite fellow Australian bands to watch.

It’s been somewhat of a breakout year for Perth band, Nectar. Late last month, the indie soul outfit shared their debut EP, Love in Limbo, which arrived fresh off the success of its lead single, Pipe Dreams earlier this year. Across the glittering three-song tracklist, Nectar enlist Pond producer, Sam Ford, who — along with the multi-hyphenate quartet — churn out a summer-ready playlist that’s every bit as syrupy as the band’s namesake noun.

With lyrics spanning unattainable utopias (Pipe Dreams) and the rarity of true love (Found a New Friend), Love in Limbo follows like the musings of a daydream, complete with Nectar’s now-signature blend of psychedelia and neo-soul soundscapes. “There’s a place that we could be,” lead vocalist Judah Pilcher muses on the single’s opening verse, “To escape the world and find our meaning.” 

Nectar band
Credit: Luke Hackett

Coasting off the success of Love in Limbo, Nectar hosted their very own headline show in their home state of Perth last week, and were promptly announced on the lineup of next year’s Nannup Music Festival. Elsewhere, Nectar have been revealed as the support acts for both Death By Denim and South Summit, sharing the spotlight with the fellow bands at their upcoming show in Western Australia’s Ocean’s Bar on November 10. 

In honour of their own status as one of the country’s most promising acts, we caught up with Nectar for a run-through of the Australian bands they think you should look out for. Listen to Nectar’s Love in Limbo above, and scroll down for their list of fellow Aussie upstarts.


Telenova, in my opinion, is one of the freshest and most exciting bands coming up next! Although they may be rather new, they already seem to have mastered their sound as every single/project is cohesive and sonically melds beautifully! Super excited for any new material from them!


LUCI are a very unique band, they have a ridiculous amount of groove within their songs to get you hooked, but they also know how to bring it down and write some very soulful tunes. They are continuing to refine their sound and it is for sure a sound everyone is gonna know and love. I dare you to go to a LUCI show and not dance, it’s impossible.

The Washing Line Economy

I first heard The Washing Line Economy’s music when a friend of mine showed me their unreleased EP on a CD two years ago. I had those songs stuck in my head for months and I couldn’t wait for them to be released. I knew that this band would do very well. They have such a unique sound that dabbles into psychedelia and pop. They stand out for me as each time I have watched them play, I find myself going back and listening to their songs all over again. 

Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys

If there was an act I could watch every weekend, it would be Claudie Joy. We’ve been lucky enough to play in the same line-up as them many times. She and the Joy Boys present dreamy folk songs that draw you in and silence a busy pub! Emotional sliding guitar, washy drums, playful bass and sometimes clarinet, are all the shining elements that back Claudia’s sad but joyful songs!

Coco Elise

These guys are so incredibly tight and can get a whole room dancing. Thumping grooves and soaring synths make for a good time every time. To top it off, they covered our very own song Plateau for RTR’s Slightly Odway and absolutely smashed it!