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Looking for a place to drink this long weekend? Don’t sleep on Young Henrys

With the long weekend drawing closer and closer, our excitement levels are tipping. A four-day break offers some huge potential, whether you’re after a full mental reset, or just want to cut loose.

If, like so many others, you’ll be taking advantage of the time off with a few drinks, we’re recommending one of our favourite local watering holes – Young Henrys.

easter long weekend young henrys

Planning to celebrate the Easter Long Weekend with a few drinks? We can’t recommend Young Henrys in Newtown enough.

Located just off Enmore Road (a five minute walk from Newtown station), the Young Henrys Tasting Bar has quickly become a favourite for local brew enthusiasts. The staff are tops, the beer is delicious, and there’s always an eclectic crowd to share a few stories with.

Six taps and two hand pumps cover all the YH classics as well as one-off limited releases, such as the Doubletowner which launched last Friday at Young Henrys’ 7th birthday celebrations.

For the Easter Long Weekend there will also be food trucks on site to cover any and all culinary needs. Authentic Mexican cuisine will be served up by Rosa Cienfeugos and fresh seafood will be coming your way courtesy of Ripper Tucker. Yum.

The Young Henrys Tasting Bar is open from 12pm to 7pm every day. Dogs aren’t just welcome, they’re encouraged, so bring your favourite four-legged friend too.