Heading to Shakafest? The Vanns have shared all the tunes they’re pumped to see later this month

Shakafest is coming up, and fast. In a couple of weeks on August 27th the Gold Coast will be hosting its newest, and best named festival.

There’s a bunch of pretty gnarly bands on the roster, with Aussie rap icon Drapht and stoner rock lords Dune Rats sitting at the top of the ticket. There’s plenty of killer acts to see, and the rockers from Kiama known as The Vanns are just one of them.

shakafest the vanns

Rockers and skaters from Australia over are heading to Shakafest this month. The Vanns will be there, and here are the tunes they’re most pumped to see.

We hit The Vanns up to hear their take on the mad lineup. The boys, known to throw a few shakas themselves, have curated a pretty sick playlist to get you psyched for what’s shaping up to be a pretty cooked day out. Check in just below to listen to some top picks for the fest, and be sure to grab yourself a ticket if you’re Gold Coast way on the 27th.