The best ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions that aren’t boring

Never Have I Ever questions are not made equal, so we’ve curated a list of crackers to keep the party entertainment at a 10.

Every true epicurean high-schooler (or older!) knows that the real way to squeeze juicy secrets out of someone is through games. Perhaps the most famous spill-the-beans game of all, Never Have I Ever, is simple and, quite frankly, the perfect choice.

Yet still, the drinking game’s success all depends on the quality of questions asked. It’s the art of the fine line. A question not too boring but also not so outrageous that no one will respond. We’re here to help. These are some of the best Never Have I Ever questions to keep the drinks pouring and the secrets flowing.

Never Have I Ever
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We’re sick of the suspense so let’s start with questions on the tamer side, then turn up the intensity as the list goes on. And yes, there’s plenty of sex questions. No worthy list would be complete without them. Let’s jump in.

Never Have I Ever…

Gotten a tattoo

This is as tame as we’ll be, don’t worry.

Eaten something out of the bin

Congratulations, no one if this circle will ever shake your hand again.

Been serenaded or serenaded someone in public

Warm-up those pipes, you crooner you.

Shot a gun

Bang bang, he shot me down.

Had a punch up with someone

Of course, you’d be breaking the first rule of Fight Club.

Skinny Dipped

Free Willy, the real-life adaptation.

Had to run to avoid death or serious injury

For those of you that attended the Area 51 raid, drink.

Eaten a whole tub of ice-cream in one sitting

One of those days?

Ghosted someone

This is one of those questions where you’ll probably *cheers* everyone in the circle.

Seen a ghost

“Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win” – Steven King.

Become a vegan or started a fad diet, only to give up a few days later

An old roommate of mine once dabbled in veganism. He was putting party pies in the oven the very next day.

Sworn at a boss

“You’re fired!” stories are just the cream of the crop.

Said a family member is dying to get out of something

I’m afraid there’s no talking your way out of something like that.

Stolen something more expensive than $10

Robin Hoods, show yourselves!

Had a thing with a teacher/professor/lecturer

Easy A, right?

Started a fire

Been slapped in the face unironically

Cash me outside, howbow dah?

Lost a gamble of $100 or more

“The best throw of the dice is to throw them away” – Proverb.

Got so hungover they had to skip work the next day

Blue Powerade is your friend, trust.

Thrown something at the television

“That is a $200 plasma screen TV you just killed!” – Michael Scott.

Worn someone else’s underwear for a day

Now that’s bonding.

Had a sex dream about a parent/teacher/someone spicy

Bonus points if they say who

Been caught in the act of masturbating

So. Fucking. Awkward.

Shat the bed in the last 10 years

Shit happens.

Sent nudes or a sex video

For the hornier people out there.

Apologised to someone sincerely, then regretted it later on

A great storytime question. Get your moral compasses out.

Killed a pet accidentally

Don’t blame you at all if you skip this question. Pretty dark stuff, but it happens more than you’d think.

Stolen a partners phone to read their texts

Trust can be irreplaceably broken with a four-number passcode.

Sent a nude to the wrong person

A slip of the finger can be detrimental.

Had a threesome

“Don’t you know what it means to become an orgy guy? It changes everything. I’d have to dress different” – Jerry Seinfeld.

Forgotten the name of someone you’re fucking

Well well well… it’s definitely too late to ask them now.

Got baked with your parents/family

Pass the doobie to the left-hand side, dad.

Accidentally told someone you love them

Watched porn in public or cancelled plans with mates to watch porn

If this is you, may we suggest checking out this Reddit thread dedicated to crazy sex stories?

Dropped acid/shrooms

Anyone that listens to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard religiously and doesn’t drink is lying.

Role-played with someone 

It’s a great overrated/underrated question too.

Been arrested

If someone drinks, it’s definitely a storytime.

Had sex in a public bathroom

It’s a thrill.

Joined the mile high club

High risk, high reward.

Said the wrong name during sex

Still not as bad as Ross saying the wrong name at the altar.

Had sex while high

Hedonism has never felt so good.

Cheated on someone 

This is Never Have I Ever 101. Prepare for things to get heavy.

Broke up a relationship you weren’t in by getting with one of the people

Look, it’s a grey area. But it’s an excellent question.

Lied during this game

Let’s be honest. Everyone’s been fucking lying.

Crushed on your best friend

Can a guy and girl be best friends and platonic? An age-old question.

Got an STD

Ooo, baby baby, it’s a wild world” – Yusef/Cat Stevens.

Sold drugs 

Oh, hi, Pablo. Didn’t see you there behind that mountain of coke.

Done anal

Time to find out how adventurous your group is.

Had or have a crush with someone in the room

If everyone’s boozy enough, some ugly truths might just come out. Use this question carefully.

Had sex with someone in the room

The be-all, end-all of Never Have I Ever questions.