Nighttime unveils dreamy, introspective new single 'Everybody Else'

Nighttime unveils dreamy, introspective new single ‘Everybody Else’

Nighttime invites you to peer into his world through his introspective, guitar-driven debut single, Everybody Else.

Flawlessly blending luminous guitars with gloomy synths and self-reflective lyrics, Nighttime is the solo project of Australian musician, Nick Polovineo.

Paying homage to the lineage of guitar-driven indie rock, combined with his background in jazz and pop, Nighttime’s debut offering, Everybody Else aims to deliver a colourful, melodious and invigorating tune, whilst still retaining a tinge of sombre overshadowing.

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An experienced multi-instrumentalist and touring member of Aussie pop outfit, Lime Cordiale, Everybody Else marks a new musical chapter for Nick Polovineo, under his solo project, Nighttime.

His upcoming releases lean into the more solemn parts of life on the road – fulfilling the need to express the challenges and rewards of living the touring lifestyle, while absorbing the costs of a prolonged absence.

In spite of challenging moments, writing and releasing music during a busy international touring schedule results in the injection of a number of different influences – be it the electricity of the ’90s Manchester scene, or the indie rock sounds of current-day Philadelphia. Everybody Else channels this musical diaspora, while still retaining a solitary, local sentiment.

With a string of upcoming singles to look forward to, Nighttime invites you to peer into his world; his insecurities and his triumphs, his faults and his blessings, through his debut solo release, Everybody Else. Stream it via Spotify below.