Noise Machine: a MIDI controller that can fit in the palm of your hand

It may be the smallest MIDI controller in the world but Noise Machine doesn’t sacrifice usability for size.

Noise Machine is probably the smallest MIDI controller you’ve ever seen, with the creators themselves boasting that it is “the smallest fully-fledged MIDI controller in the world”. Its dimensions are postively minuscule: 5.4 cm x 6.3cm x 1.4cm. To put that into perspective, it’s smaller than a typical smartphone.

The aim of Noise Machine is to be ultra-portable. Considering that it fits into your palm, it certainly achieves this goal. It does, however, pack in a surprising amount of functionality for its size.

Noise Machine

There are different MIDI ‘modes’ that allows users several creative options without being limited by the diminutive proportions. These modes are dubbed Default, Split and Loop.

Default is the standard mode that operates similarly to most other single octave MIDI controllers, with 12 notes and an octave shift. Split mode separates the 12 notes into two halves, with 6 notes controlled by channel 1 and the remainder controlled by channel 2. This means you can simultaneously play two separate instruments. Loop mode means you can place any note from any octave into a sequence with immediate playback.

Noise Machine is compatible IOS, Android, PC, Mac and synthesisers through Mac/PC software. To find out more, go to the Noise Machine website.