NSW Government release list of supposedly 'high risk' festivals -

NSW Government release list of supposedly ‘high risk’ festivals

In case you missed it, the NSW government is attempting to further kill our live music scene with their latest target: music festivals.

Don't kill live music sydney rally
Photo: Jessie Wilson

The NSW Government has finally published the festivals it deems ‘high risk’, and the criteria makes no sense whatsoever.

The complete list of high-risk festivals as deemed by the NSW government includes FOMO, Laneway, Lost Paradise, This ThatSubsonic, Defqon.1, Electric GardensUltra HTID, Days Like This, Transmission, Rolling Loud, Knockout Games Of Destiny and Up Down.

Supposedly, the high-risk festivals include any festivals at which a death occurred this year, however, no deaths occurred at Laneway, and Newcastle’s Up Down is yet to hold their first instalment! The risk assessment guidelines and reference documents as of yet are still unavailable, so we’re left wondering wtf Gladys?!

Under the new legislation, the festivals deemed high risk will be required to pay a $650 licence fee, while those deemed ‘low-risk’ will receive them for free.

Last week saw a rally for the cause Don’t Kill Live Music at Hyde Park, with over 20 000 protesting new festival regulations and recent forced cancellation of festivals Mountain Sounds. Despite this, nothing has changed, and the regulations and restrictions still haven’t been fully released.

Unsurprisingly, people aren’t happy. Attendees included everyone from music lovers to key players in the Aussie music industry. Guest speakers included many big industry names, such as festival runners, musicians and even Murray Cook from the Wiggles! Who’d have thought you could make a Wiggle angry? Nice one NSW government. You really fucked it.

Comic: Samuel McEwen

While peaceful protests are great to send a message, the most effective way to make a change is to ensure you’re registered to vote. The state election takes place on Saturday, March 23rd, the power is in your hands.

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