Oh Mercy – Deep Heat

Oh Mercy has grown from a duo, to a quartet and then all the way up to a quintet, just prior to the release of their third studio album, Deep Heat.

Oh Mercy

Great new music from the Aussie Oh Mercy. Liberatingly smooth tunes will make all your worries dissipate just like that.

With all kinds of new influences and influential experiences on board including a trip to the US to work with acclaimed producer Mitchell Froom (Crowded Houses, Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith), Oh Mercy took a bit of a risk on this latest album.

“It’s a shift away from the acoustic guitar-driven indie pop of past releases, with frontman and songwriter Alexander Gow purposefully throwing himself and his band into a new world of colourful, deep and summery grooves.” – Triple J

“The intimacy is still there yet their overall sound is tighter and the neurotic tendencies on the lyrical side are more reigned in. Gow has said that he wanted the album to be sexy and that he wanted to explore grooves more, which is evident .”– Beat

It’s certainly clear that Deep Heat is very much about lead singer and frontman, Alexander Gow and his ambitions to explore all options available. Despite this, Deep Heat is in no way unsuccessful as an Oh Mercy album; they’ve meandered off down a less beaten path but this Melbourne based band is still deserving of their place as one of the best regarded Aussie acts today.

“The album is full of ambition and it will not stall Oh Mercy’s progress. A curveball at album three with so much goodwill behind them is almost a clever career move.”The Monthly

Gow and the rest of Oh Mercy have taken Deep Heat as an opportunity to innovate, but with a loyal fanbase and a foundation padded with critical acclaim they can take that chance. As it is, Deep Heat is certainly not a failing and might be the marker of a new era for the band.

Oh Mercy played their final 2013 shows in Melbourne last week and have relocated to the USA for the remainder of the year to get the ball rolling on their next great leap forward.



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