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Olympic Ayres

Their first EP Episode I ran loose in January 2011 and now Sydney duo Olympic Ayres are back with their latest installment, an EP suitably titled Episode II; the new EP showcases an additional dimension to their already funky flavour. Pushing out mellow hypnotic sounds from their first EP were tracks Black & Blue, Casa Del and Daylight. Olympic Aryes’ have turned away from the soft but beautiful impressions of The XX, and shown their face to the equations and vibes of artists such as Bag Raiders and Breakbot.

Olympic Ayres

The grand indie pop sound of Olympic Ayres is sahh good! With their bluesy vocals and uptempo rhythms, you can’t help but feel completely at ease.

Self-advertised “genre spanners”, Kamaliza and mmiiddii’s Episode II presents a far greater dance and electro-pop feel in its three tracks “The View”, “River Song” and “Lose You”. A recipe requiring three heavy loads of addictive synth loops, a cup of eccentric basslines, three teaspoons of catchy harmonies, and a final pinch of twangy guitar riffs ultimately equates to one delicious meal that is Episode II. This most recent EP from Olympic Aryes’ sees all those Indie-Electronic-Rock lovers kicking themselves and finding their groovy happy place.

Setting the stage is the first poppin’ dancy track The View. This track rolls on dipping smoothly between entrancing harmonies, crunchy synth riffs and an overall bass bop. Possessing appealing and preach-worthy lyrics that everyone should belt out in the shower, The View is simply one of those tracks that no person should quietly sit still too.

Opening boldly with bursting horns comes along River Song. Leaving the brass in the distance the track is then catapulted through the stratosphere and into eloquent rocking scenery of twangy guitar, loud but oddly soothing vocals and a progressive bass line. River Song is the quintessence of Olympic Aryes’ most recent electro-dance and pop texture located within Episode II.

The EP is neatly concluded in a richly dense but solemn track titled Lose You. It is indicative of the artistic experience the duo seems to be attracting. Despite the EP beaming out a more restless and jumpy sound, Olympic Aryes’ opt to finish on a track that ironically leaves you wanting more in its capacity to bring your explosive dance moves to a halt.

Having played at Field Day 2013, the duo rubbed shoulders and swapped thoughts with artists along the lines of Van She, SBTRKT, Adrian Lux and Mark Ronson. That being said, one must suggest that you all brace yourselves for a new single to be released early this year from Olympic Aryes’ next promised Episode III.




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May 8, 2013

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