Ozzy Osbourne releases “fuck coronavirus” t-shirts and masks

The ever extraordinary Ozzy Osbourne has just released coronavirus merchandise. Yes, you read that right. Osbourne is selling t-shirts and face masks featuring the phrase “fuck coronavirus” along with his trademark bat image.

The singer has obviously emphasised the connection between coronavirus origin rumours and his infamous 1982 bat incident.

ozzy osbourne, coronavirus

Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has released bat-themed coronavirus merchandise complete with the phrase “fuck coronavirus.”

Osbourne’s newly released clothing aims to take a stab at the virus by personifying it and pretty much telling it to fuck off. Fair enough Ozzy.

Osbourne’s most infamous career move took place on stage in 1982 when the singer bit off the head of a live bat. The apparel design includes an image of a demonic-looking bat, reminding us of the incident as well as hinting at the rumoured COVID-19 origin story, which claims that the coronavirus was originally transferred to humans through bats.

T-shirts purchased within the next three days will also come with a free face-mask. The items are available at Ozzy Osbourne’s webstore. The description notes that the face-masks are not medical grade and therefore not designed to replace N95 masks. But hey, at least it looks funky.

Osbourne continues to treat his Parkinson’s disease and is recovering from his fall late last year. Daughter Kelly Osbourne recently opened up about her father’s stem cell treatments, saying that he was responding well. Ozzy Osbourne’s 2020 world tour was cancelled before coronavirus lockdowns due to his current health issues.