Patrons of an illegal NSW bush doof each cop a massive $1,000 fine

Who would ever think that the humble bush doof could turn into anything other than a fun night? Well, on July 24th the hallowed event would change forever.

Over the weekend, NSW Police busted a hefty, and illegal, gathering at Lake Jindabyne, landing multiple patrons with fines of up to $1000.

Photo: AAP

An illegal bush doof near Lake Jindabyne over the weekend (July 24th) was busted by NSW police, resulting in multiple $1,000 fines.

This not-so-sneaky, definitely organised party was bound to end in disaster. Currently, the standing law in NSW is that there must be no gatherings of over 20 people. Well, this cheeky bush doof apparently had close to 200 guests, all congregated around a large bonfire. In case you thought they could still get away with it, it was hosted in a National Park. The cherry on top? There was also a DJ playing.

I mean, party done right in my books, but what did you expect was going to happen? Have a look for yourself below:

At the time of writing, 12 people from the event have been fined a hefty $1,000 each. NSW Police assistant Scott Whyte also suggested even more fines would be given. Fun fact: the fines accrued from this illegal bush doof is collectively more than double what the Star Casino had to pay up when they were caught not enforcing social distancing. Something doesn’t seem right here…

“Obviously in operational circumstances, people leave before we get all their details… But there were a significant number detained, and they’ll be receiving process,” Whyte described about the doof and its imminent consequences. You can almost picture the chaotic scene the cops would’ve faced when they arrived at said doof.

This party isn’t the first to be busted by NSW police either. Earlier this month, a 1000 capacity bush doof in Byron Bay got shut down. Somehow, the Byron crew got off a lot better than the National Park attendants. Byron Bay chief Inspector Matt Kehoe stated, “Our regime is to educate to warn them, and if the behaviour continues we will consider fining people”.

Next up: NSW Police Drug Squad accused of manufacturing drugs to entrap people.