Sugar surf sweetness with Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop

Soloist Allie Hanlon, better known as Peach Kelli Pop, certainly knows how to separate herself from the ever growing and easy-to-be-lost-in indie pop crowd. Hanlon, with her Japanese anime style, was definitely not what I expected in terms of website presentation or music. Her musical and visual style, however unexpected, invoked in me a certain fascination that made me curious to find out more.

peach kelli popThey look like Japanese school girls and sound like Californian surfy cheerleaders with guitars. Somewhere between the two lies the real deal – Peach Kelli Pop

It’s all surprisingly very Californian surf pop/rock with a very different playfulness to it, which is the result of Hanlon’s self taught basic guitar and bass, along with the crew that accompanies her on the road. Hanlon performs with the help of her twin sister and some friends.

The Canadian turned Californian not only has Peach Kelli Pop as a solo DIY project but acts as the drummer for White Wires, which produces similarly catchy pop punk tunes. Hanlon has recently travelled up and down the East coast of America, toured through Japan in April and May and is currently on tour exploring Europe.

Her first full length record was released in January 2010 by Going Gaga Records and later repressed by Infinity Cat Records. In true indie darling form, it was all recorded in her bedroom and living room in her house in Ottawa. Her second album, Peach Kelli Pop II (also released by Infinity Cat Records & Burger Records) was recorded in her parents basement in Ottawa. Here’s to keeping it real Miss Hanlon.

‘Performing the music and touring involves lots of hanging out and seeing friends – so I get my fix that way! I would like to try recording with a professional someday, though,’ says Hanlon in an interview when asked if music was about fun for her. ‘I hope that people can have fun when they listen to my songs. We are definitely having fun, so serve us up a double of Peach Kelli Pop, pls.



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