Listen to a mega-playlist of every in-game song from the ‘Persona’ franchise

Think you need some operatic funk-jazz-acid-rock in your life? Neither did I. But the Persona OST playlist has different feelings, and it’s now on Spotify for everyone to enjoy.

AniPlaylist, a team of champions who run a website dedicated to connecting anime lovers with the songs from their favourite art style, recently blew up on Twitter after pointing out that from the 5th of Jan the full OST from almost every iteration of the Persona games (and their related releases) was going live on streaming services.

AniPlaylist then doubled down on being the best people of 2021 so far by making the ultimate Persona Spotify playlist for everyone to wrap their ears around. You can find it below, and it’s an absolute monster of a collection.

If a group of words can exist together, you can find it in this playlist. Noodle-bass-hip-hop? Persona has got you covered. Table-swing-hug-step? Look no further. Left-foot-dance-party? Here she is, baby.

While the uWu meets Grotesque art style of the games is more reminiscent of Tokyo Ghoul then a relaxing time, the music is another beast entirely. Persona tunes are the perfect companion to a solid study sesh, to connect to your neighbour’s Bluetooth speaker, or to vibe out with in the weirdest way.

You’re in for an emotionally turbulent time with this playlist, no matter how you engage with it. Dive in below.