Pete Doherty’s new memoir ‘A Likely Lad’ delves into his relationship with super model Kate Moss.

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss dated on and off for years, but the singer admits in his tell-all memoir that their high-profile romance was never really “sustainable”.

Pete Doherty has written a memoir, A Likely Lad (Little, Brown)  released today. Doherty who was well known for his rock n roll drug-fuelled lifestyle and his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss shared in an extract via the Guardian, “There was not really one specific incident that finished the relationship. Our worlds were not really compatible in the end. There were all sorts of incidents.

“She had this panic button by her bed and a panic button in the kitchen. One day, when she was away somewhere and I was scrabbling down by the side of the bed, for a dropped rock probably, I accidentally pressed the panic button and 12 armed police ended up at the cottage in St John’s Wood. She was really unhappy about things like that. It became a running battle, really, that relationship. It was always the same, for all those years: highs and then crushing, violent lows. It was not sustainable.”

Credit: mirror UK

Pete goes on to say: “I’m quite fragile, really, within myself. That kind of destructive relationship, there’s nothing glamorous about it – it wears you down in the end and turns you nasty.” But insists that he really loved the catwalk star at one point in time. “We were attracted to each other. I really loved her, and I knew she loved me – there was just all this messiness in between us, with all her chaos and my chaos.”

A likely Lad was given a going over with a fine-tooth comb by lawyers, and according to Doherty, he can’t bring himself to read it now because the lawyers took all the good bits out. Maybe Lucky for Kate, they did give it a once over it over before it was published, even if Pete finds that now ‘it’s too weird to read it”. 

A likely Lad is out now via Hachette and Little, Brown.

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