Peven Everett, Vince Staples and Savages’ Jenny Beth get down in new Gorillaz video

Gorillaz have shared a new 3D video for track Strobelite from their recent, all-star album Humanz. Featuring a futuristic nightclub surrounded by real-life humans in outrages outfits, Jamie Hewlett’s animations prove that all it takes is a little self-confidence.

Starring Peven Everett with appearances from Vince Staples and Savages’ Jehnny Beth, Strobelite is a blur of metallic jackets and a kaleidoscope dance-floor with avatars so in sync it’s intimidating.

Directed by Raoul Skinbeck, a close friend of the band, the clip shows avatars Noodles and 2D in 2.0 version shredding the dance floor in a disco inferno, while the human onlookers watch in admiration as the pair continually bust out synchronised dance moves.

Dressed in a catsuit and holiday shirt, equipped with synchronised dance moves on a neon dance-floor, the clip is a pretty accurate visual of the funky, feel-good melody heard in Strobelite.

Check it out below.