‘Phasmophobia’ update includes new ghosts, a new map, and a new difficulty

Take your Halloween gaming night to a whole other level with Phasmophobia’s latest update – featuring a new map and some new faces.

Phasmophobia‘s latest update is now live – just in time for Halloween. With it comes the game’s very first outdoor map, new ghosts, the new Nightmare mode, and a major overhaul of the game’s existing difficulty levels.

The new Maple Lodge Campsite map features picnic areas, tents, games, a log cabin and of course – a haunted lake. It is to be noted that due to the higher visual detail and object density, players on outdated hardware may experience FPS drops (minimum specification devices should face no issues). The other maps will receive graphical updates at a later date, along with a new truck mini-map design to keep it consistent.

Image: Kinetic Games / Phasmophobia

The new Nightmare difficulty promises challenging, intense gameplay for those seeking to put their ghost hunting skills to the ultimate test. With no setup time, reduced sanity recovery from sanity pills, next to zero hiding places among many other setbacks one has to deal with… this new difficulty mode will definitely keep even the most experienced ghost hunters on their toes.

Not only that, but the game’s existing difficulties have received a major rework in the hopes of catering to players of varying skill levels. And depending on the difficulty level, a percentage of doors will now randomly start open.

Several new ghost types have also been introduced.The Onryo, Twins, Obake, and Raiju will spawn more frequently during the duration of the Halloween event.

You can check out the full Phasmophobia update notes here.