Hackers redirected Britain's largest fishing equipment website to Pornhub

Hackers redirected Britain’s largest fishing equipment website to Pornhub

Due to a recent cyber attack, Britain’s biggest angling equipment website redirected users to adult streaming site Pornhub.

Angling Direct PLC, a UK-based fishing tackle retailer, noticed unauthorised activity on their website late last Friday. The attackers had been discovered by Monday, apparently having hacked the site, redirecting shoppers to one of the largest, most sexually explicit websites on the net: Pornhub.

Needless to say, fishing fans were shocked to see a different kind of ‘rod’ while online shopping.

angling direct pornhub
Credit: Sam Diephuis/ Stone/ Getty Images

The hackers also took control of Angling Direct’s Twitter account, mocking the company with a false message to their followers, claiming the website had been purchased by MindGeek, the owners of Pornhub.

“Your data has already been transferred and PornHub [sic] premium will be available for your account for a period of one year,” the tweet said. “Register with our email and you’ll automatically be assigned with premium.”

The hackers made no public demands for ransom, but did post an email address where they could be reached, along with an offer to return access to the website.

It’s not exactly clear why the attack was made, outside of a prank that may have embarrassed unsuspecting customers doing a little online shopping on their family computer.

In a statement the company released on November 8th, Angling Direct expressed that external cyber security investigations were underway.

Angling Direct have alerted the authorities and made it clear that they aren’t sure if there has been a breach of customers’ personal data, however, they confirmed that the company does not hold any financial data as it is handled by a third party.

Angling Direct PLC stock has dropped significantly, perhaps due to the reputation damage, but it seems to be on the rise again. The website is currently still inactive, meaning the company is losing money from potential sales.

The statement closed by saying: “apologises for any disruption that has been caused to customers by this incident.”

Given the target demographic for the fishing gear store, being made up of mostly young families and older customers, it may well have been quite the disruption when Pornhub popped up on their screen.

Angling Direct’s many shops remain open for in-store purchases, according to a Facebook post.

The firm has also posted a message to the Facebook page of at least one local store, apologising to anyone who was “directed away from our site and towards inappropriate content”.

Here’s hoping the avid angling fans weren’t too offended. They may have even discovered a new hobby.