PREMIERE: Sweetly sombre, the latest single from Alanna Eileen will have you yearning for more

Sometimes simple is best and this is one artist who has absolutely nailed it. Originally based in Australia, Alanna Eileen is now kicking it in New Zealand and releasing some pretty phenomenal music.

Ethereal and sweetly sombre, Stay is a masterpiece of finely articulated guitar and sweeping vocals. Calling on the sounds of Lucy Rose and Wolf Larson, this is indie folk at it’s best.

Alanna Eileen

Alanna Eileen writes from a deep and searching place, with uniquely lilting vocals and a raw, unapologetic yearning.

The single was produced and mixed by Ben Edwards, also known for his work with New Zealander phenomenon Marlon Williams and the beautiful Nadia Reid. The second single off of her upcoming EP Keepsake, this is a track which is setting up her impending release for huge success.

Stay was written in a snowy mountainside cabin near Arthur’s Pass last year, and is a haunting blend of honest romanticism and clear conviction.

If you are looking for a song to guide you into those balmy summer nights and hours of personal reflection, then Stay by Alanna Eileen is where your gaze should be set. And the best thing is that she is touring. If you find yourself somewhere in New Zealand in the month of January, be sure to stay on top of her EP tour dates.

Everything that’s coming our way from Alanna Eileen seems to strike a chord, from her complex and profound lyricism to the wide sweeping landscapes her music evokes. It’s the vision of cold, windy mountaintops, of deafening silence and the release to be found in solitude.

Keepsake is set for release on December 13th and will no doubt be setting up this rising star for a huge 2018 of new music, tours and hopefully an opportunity to sneak on over to little old Australia for some cheeky shows. Fingers crossed.