PREMIERE: Caitlin Park performs Wake Up In A Whirr at Mild Manners Gallery

The other week Caitlin Park performed a jaw dropping cover of Marvin Gaye’s Mercy, Mercy Me. It’s spacious, gorgeous and performed with minimal fanfare at Mild Manners Gallery. If you haven’t seen it then hop to it and check it out now. Today Park gives us another live rendition in that space of her original song Wake Up In A Whirr.

Caitlin Park Wake Up In A Whirr live

With a new live trio and direction, Caitlin Park takes up residence at Mild Manners Gallery for a rousing rendition of Wake Up In A Whirr.

For those who don’t know, Park has been playing at this music thing for about five years now. She has a bag of clever metaphors at the ready, spinning tales of tragedy and triumph in a refreshing way while experimenting with the structures of alternative pop. Armed as a new three piece with Joe Gould and Leroy Lee, some choice samples and a beautiful gallery space Park gives us a stirring performance of Wake Up In A Whirr.

The live performance is something that can make or break an artist. It’s a whole other arena and man, Park’s deal is as real as it gets. Her voice cuts through the music, confident and reassured as it draws you into the narrative. The live trio manage to accomplish a lot with what they’re working with; two guitars, percussion and samples. It allows them to weave so many intricate parts throughout the piece, playfully darting around Park’s strong vocal that remain front and centre.

The location lends a lot of nuance to the performance, with Park being a big fan and it shows through her relaxed persona. “I’ve always been a really big fan of TITLE Music. Their music collection is incredible – folk, jazz, blues – heading more into obscurity as well” Park says. “They also have an amazing film collection, arranged in director suites and film stars and starlets.”

“Films from the 50s and 60s and grainy Black & Whites for lazy Sunday afternoons – it is also covered in beautiful posters as well, which reminds me of my bedroom as a teenager. The window in the Mild Manners Gallery Space was the selling point for me really. It reminded me of a NY loft or something, and I thought the semi-circle was a nice shape for the introduction of the new ‘Trio’ setup“.

The room itself works as an instrument as well, it’s size allows for a bit of echo and gives the song a new dynamic in the live setting. “I think the space you are performing in definitely influences the result” Park muses. “It was quite a long room with plenty of light, which made the feeling in the room quite bouncy and fun. Joe’s drums jumped around the room! It is definitely a room I would love to wake up in, so it worked perfectly for this track I think“.

Caitlin Park will be taking her new live band out on the road for a run of shows, as well as performing at this year’s gargantuan BIGSOUND conference. You can get your tix for Park’s tour here.

Darwin Festival – August 7
Newtown Social Club – August 23, Sydney
Bigsound – September 9-11, Brisbane
Jet Black Cat Music – September 11, Brisbane
Shebeen – September 12, Melbourne