PREMIERE: Chambers prove autocorrect fails aren’t that bad with Yeagin Shone

Jim Duong, Jason Warriner, David ‘Hendo’ Henderson and Aiden Arandez have remained a tight knit group since their early days meeting through school and eventually forming what is now the psychedelic influenced, pop tinged, indie rock band Chambers.


Inspiration is everywhere, even the drunk text from your mate. Chambers definitely believe so with their song Yeagin Shone.

Founded as a creative outlet and means to avoid something called “downball” the band have established themselves in the music scene playing some shows around Melbourne, despite loosing a bassist to a K-Pop dance crew (sad but a cool story to wow the fans with in my opinion). They have persevered landing on triple J’s Unearthed and putting out an EP on SoundCloud. The self-titled EP is definitely worth a listen; it contains three great tracks that showcase the talents of these four mates.

But we are here to talk about their new track Yeagin Shone. I would normally include a funny breakdown of how to pronounce the name but to be honest I’ve got no idea, your guess is as good as mine really.

Apparently one of the band member’s mates sent him a text that was meant to say, “Yeah, I’m home” but it autocorrected to “Yeagin Shone”. The band thought “Hey, that sounds cool” and thus the title was born. #autocorrect…are we still doing that?

Regardless the track is amazing, the band claims some of their influences include Foals, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and At The Drive In, which really speaks through when listening to Yeagin Shone (that title is just great). The track is very smooth filled with nice hooks and great guitar work especially at the end, that breakdown gets me every time.

The lyrics are quite deep when you really listen. After conversing with the band I found out that they are actually describing a friend of theirs who has had to battle with a bout of mental health issues. After singing mostly about girls and their own feelings, the band decided to explore their friend’s perspective and give it insight through the lyrics in the song. Mental health struggles are so much more common then we think and songs like this really help to give voice to those issues.

Good job guys!

What’s next for Chambers? Well they hinted that there is definitely another EP on the way and maybe a few shows around the ol’ Melbourne town so stay plugged in and make sure you catch a live show of Yeagin Shone!