PREMIERE: Twenty-three by Claire Yve is a snapshot of the moments that made her

Claire Yve is bringing grunge-infused sugar pop to the table with her latest release Twenty-three.

A distinct coming of age track, Twenty-three is a chronology of growing up, moving on and learning. Snapshots of her childhood, her teenage years, and her early twenties showcase how challenges have shaped Yve into the woman and songwriter she is today.

Claire Yves

If you like Alex Lahey, Ali Barter and even a bit of Camp Cope, then Claire Yve might just be up your alley.

After the release of her debut single in 2017 titled I’ll Take This World and The Next One Too, we could not have been more excited to hear what Claire Yve had in store. Twenty-three is a unique expression of loosely spoken word and gritty grunge undertones.

The track speaks to her freeform creative nature, her attention to detail and gift for storytelling.

As the artist herself has said, Twenty-three is “taking on the sonic form of a child’s drawing on a refrigerator door; starry eyed, smeared with glitter, and sweating sincerity. My sound leans toward a mixture of shoegaze, dream-pop and rock, and is best described as dream encrusted grunge.” 

With meaningful, engaging pop darting in and out of heavier influences, Claire Yve is both sure and unsure as to where her unusual sound was nurtured. A kaleidoscope of sonic references, this single is an eclectic mix of the stories and songs which have defined her.

Based in Sydney, those lucky enough to have been present at the Bedrock Collective gig in Marrickville would have caught Claire Yve live already. Performing alongside Moody Beach and Julia Why? this diverse group of women shone as they brought a two day event of art and music to Stirrup Gallery.

While we haven’t heard word of any more shows, we will be sure to keep you in the loop next time we hear whisper of Claire Yve’s next onstage performance.