PREMIERE: Daniel Hall unveils his epic 11th album Elevate

There’s something special about the music of Daniel Hall. The Sydney-based artist has been releasing albums for a number of years now, and in that time, he’s crafted an incredibly unique sound for himself. His music balances somewhere between light and dark; it’s simultaneously unnerving and uplifting – and this is perhaps its most endearing quality.

Today, with the release of his sprawling eleventh album Elevate, Hall continues to establish himself as one of the country’s most exciting songwriters. It should go without saying that we’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.

Balancing somewhere between light and dark, Sydney-based artist Daniel Hall’s epic new album Elevate is unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Throughout Elevate‘s thirteen track duration, Hall navigates a mind-bending concoction of sounds to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to himself. With dark, pulsating synth lines, brooding vocal hooks, and masterful piano lines, Elevate will pull you in and leave you hanging on every note.

Album opener You Elevate Me is one of the album’s brightest and emotionally resonant tracks. It sees Hall glide through emotive lyricism and glassy production to craft a truly captivating piece of music.

Elevate’s fourth track, Insane, is an undeniable standout. With pounding rhythms, dissonant synths, and layer-upon-layer of gloomy vocals, Hall paints a detailed sonic portrait of insanity. Once you step into one of Daniel Hall’s sprawling sonic landscapes, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to leave. Not that you’ll ever want to.

Rise Above showcases Hall’s incredible versatility, displaying a tenderness that’s masked in other tracks on the album. On Adored And Ignored, Hall explores manipulative relationships with eerie female backing vocals.

Female vocals are revisited in the album’s final bonus-track The Ghostess In Me; a reworking of The Ghost In Me. Janne Villaflor’s vocals breathe new life into an already dynamic track, giving two sides to a compelling story. By the time the bonus track reaches the conclusion of its three-and-a-half minute duration, you’ll have been roped in completely to Daniel Hall’s dark, immersive sounds.

In addition to these thirteen new tracks, Hall has also delivered a video clip for each track. Yes, that’s right – thirteen separate videos.

Over the course of his career, Hall has made a name for himself releasing music in innovative ways, and always providing visual accompaniment. Last year, with the release of his album X – The Collection, Hall released the album as a limited edition X-shaped USB.

For Elevate, Hall has released the album as a double CD/DVD, which includes the accompanying music video for each track. Hall will be selling these limited edition copies for $20.

Watch the accompanying videos for Elevate below:

Elevate is available now through Apple Music, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, and Amazon.