PREMIERE: Don’t bother seeing your weekly hypnotist, We, Tigers have got you covered

Young love, masks, an abandoned house and a bewitching television set. Just your average Wednesday in the suburbs of Melbourne according to alt-rock band We, Tiger. The debut film clip for their track Yours is just scraping by the issuing of a warning label for induced hypnosis while watching. If you wish to pursue, the video is best devoured with your blinds closed, refocusing of the eyes and an open mind.

we, tigers yours

​Diving head first into your teenage psyche, the video clip for Yours compliments themes of self discovery and hypnosis with ambient soundscapes and psych-infused pools from We, Tigers.

The Melbourne base four piece are old players in the scene but new to releasing a debut. After developing and mastering their music for five years, the debut EP Fern is a deluge of psychedelic and euphoric sounds. Members Charlie Wolstenhome (guitar, pads, drums), Dom Moore (bass, keys), Michael Dungan (guitar, vocals, keys), and Tom Wakefield (drums, pads, keys) have just stepped off their first residency at The Workers Club in January this year. We, Tigers have cobbled together a hallucinating clip to accompany their debut track Yours and are ready to start the next chapter of their musical journey, entering the studio to write and record new tracks.

Utilising the whole 5:17 minute duration, the clip starts with an unsettling slow zoom towards the band in an eerie abandoned house, quickly jump cutting to two young lovers disguising themselves for some sort of mischievous ritual in the suburbs. The two jump a brick wall to find the ghostly house inhabited by the dazed band members, who stare vacantly into a vintage TV setup. The teenage delinquents become consumed by the hypnosis of the house, a plot by the band perhaps?

Well shot and skilfully directed, it is only a matter of time before you become completely dazed and fixated like your fellow counterparts on the screen. Wavering yet meditative instrumentation partners with the echoey recurring lyrics “One last time/ I’m yours/ so now you know.” It is no doubt that the clip oozes surrealism, complementing the spacious and euphoric swirling sounds of Yours.

Their intoxicating debut EP Fern is an amalgamation of post-alternative rock tunes with prog-rock vibes. Produced by Simon Lam, the Ep sees the band push themselves with their sounds to release their most cracking work yet. Four tracks ranging from 2-13 minutes in length, Fern is a complete ambient and psychedelic piece of work. Recommended listening to the entire EP in full (like you should with any new releases), you will be blissing out entirely that you wont even notice the subtle tempo and song changes.

The lads debut EP Fern is available digitally through Bandcamp.