PREMIERE: Future Divide team up with Sauvage for their stunning new single Breathe

Perth-based duo Future Divide have delivered their haunting, introspective new single, Breathe. Designed to explore and reflect the suffocating nature of mental illness, Breathe is a stripped-back collaboration, highlighting the exceptional performance and songwriting abilities of all parties involved.

Haunting yet resolute, Perth-based duo Future Divide’s latest single Breathe plays out like the loud thoughts of an anxious conscience.

Co-produced by Ben Cooper and Sam Ford at Tone City Recording Studio, Breathe is a brilliant confluence of voice and texture. Sauvage’s vocals fall like silk, calling the listener into her world, discussing a relatable struggle with mental illness.

The atmospheric guitar lines aid the reflective lyrics without overpowering them. There is something to be gleaned here: in addition to the stunning production, there is an uplifting sense of togetherness; a theme driven home by the honey-like, introspective vocal hooks.

“The demons represent your inner conflicts, self-doubt, anxiety, depression – anything that causes you to feel trapped in your own mind,” Sauvage says of the track.

“Demons on your mind, and under your bed. This emphasizes the all-consuming nature of mental illness. Sometimes it can almost feel as though you’re suffocating in your own thoughts. Through this song, I aimed to help anyone who’s dealing with similar stuff… if they can relate then maybe it will make them feel less alone. We are never alone in our journey.”

While the track carries some weighty subject matter, the listening experience is smooth as butter, and will inspire hope in anyone dealing with similar issues.

Let Sauvage be the voice in your head and Future Divide the rhythm of your feet. Let your thoughts melt away. Listen to the new track above.