PREMIERE: Georgia Fields drops her amazing video for Open Orange

PREMIERE: Get swept into a world of technicolour complexities in Georgia Fields’ new video for Open Orange

Since her debut self-titled album in 2010, Melbournian glitter-pop heiress, Georgia Fields, has journeyed a long path of creative collaborations that have finally amounted to producing her sophomore album, Astral Debris.

After a few teasing singles from the forthcoming album, Fields brings you a new self-effacing tune Open Orange, accompanied with a colourful clip that will leave you craving citrus foods, and glittery textures.

The song was produced by prominent electronic artist Tim Shiel (Bertie Blackman, Gotye, Faux Pas), and features a guest appearance from Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Phia.

With both Fields and Phia originating from Melbourne, yet residing in opposite corners of the world at the time, the entire collaboration was orchestrated over email, which is a testament to Shiel in the polished execution of the final orange.

Georgia Fields

Be hypnotised by a psychedelic world of colours, chic patterns and complexities in Georgia Fields’ new video for her delicious pop track, Open Orange.

Fields ties in notions of vulnerability relating to infatuation, and does so through metaphoric descriptions of food. The title Open Orange is a citrus equivalent to an open book, with the first lyric of the song establishing an honest unraveling from the start “You open me up like one of your oranges”.

The tune is polished in its simplicity with soft synths cushioning Fields’ humble lyrics – a personal favourite being “I crumble like soft cheese under your butter knife.” Reeves embodies this enchantingly timid deliverance yet somehow remains honest, and gloriously poised. Much like a Mersey Valley vintage cheddar, she is fragile, and can break under pressure.

The film is 2 minutes and 50 seconds of colourful psychedelic waves, with a polished 1960s chic framework, opening and closing with a sea of shimmering orange-painted spirit fingers. It is an elegant presentation of mind-altering, moving backdrops, and black silhouettes of dancing Krishna-worthy limbs.

Visually its comes across as if she’s living in a Rubix Cube, or a colourful headspace filled with daydreams, men, and sugary food groups. The Gorman fashions beautifully compliment the bold colour-blocking screens presenting Fields as a modern day Edie Sedgwick.

The playfully timid techno chiming, paired with the clarity of the call and response synchronisations between Fields and Phia, makes the song flow seamlessly. A highlight in the tune is when the bridge of sensual harmonies layering ‘ahhh’ sounds between the bold duo, corresponds with a more languid film style that ups the anti on the psychedelic technicolor.

Astral Debris is due to be released on the 26th this August.

You can catch Georgia Fields playing the following shows in Melbourne:

Sunday 3rd July- The Gasometer, Melbourne