PREMIERE: Heartless by Fieldings is the brutally honest anthem for any poor souls who have been through a tough break-up

It’s a difficult reality to accept when you no longer feel connected to the person sleeping beside you, and no matter how hard you try to remember, it is almost impossible to imagine a time where you felt otherwise.

The stunning single release Heartless from dream-pop creative Fieldings explores the blue and contemplative moment when a relationship comes to an end. The bittersweet tune presents a satisfying taste of what can be expected from their forthcoming EP Fruit.


Presented without emotions of resentment or betrayal, Fieldings’ Heartless attempts to explore the civil execution of a break-up.

The song marks the first release from Fieldings since lead vocalist and project philanthropist Lucinda Hearn relocated to the Big Apple from Australia in 2015.

Now based in New York, the five-piece outfit also includes bassist John Zinder, drummer Alex Fitzpatrick, as well as Melodie Stancato and Paul Weintrob on synths and guitar, both of whom Hearn collaborates with in folk duo Swoon Lake.

The song opens with a poignant lyric that sets the tone of disconnection between lovers instantly: “Last time you came by, it felt like the first… don’t ever say our love wasn’t a love song”. The song documents moments in the final day of an ill-fated relationship, in an intimately surrendering afterthought that is both fundamentally honest and sticky in audio quality.

The slow, groggy synths that carry the tune inspire a dream of padding through unfamiliar rooms on ultra-thick carpet.

There is a powerful sense of vacancy in the subtle audio fog that morphs the real with the surreal – like waking up beside a stranger one morning that used to be your lover before the absence of emotion.

Particularly in this day and age when we are more in touch with our emotions and vapid serial monogamy deters from romance, there is certainly a void for brutal honesty that Fieldings has acknowledged in Heartless.

As Hearn’s gentle vocals chime through moments of clarity “We were heartless all that Summer…we were slipping on each other” to “We shift shapes, we shed real tears” we cannot help but relate to the couples’ descent to their fateful end.

Sadly, with the band being based in NYC, there is little hope of seeing them grace our Aussie shores anytime soon, however their upcoming EP Fruit is sure to provide a tasty blend of insights. If Heartless is the bibliography for break-ups, then Fruit will be the sacred text for living.

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