PREMIERE: Hobart Curtis navigates personal issues with captivating charm on Boys Don’t Cry

For the past number of years, Brisbane’s Hobart Curtis has carved out a unique spot for himself in the Australian music scene by crafting consistently great, shimmering indie-pop tracks.

And with the release of his new single Boys Don’t Cry, the artist continues his streak of brilliant tunes. We’re stoked to be premiering this one for you.

On his shimmering new track Boys Don’t Cry, Brisbane artist Hobart Curtis marries weighty subject matter and glossy pop hooks to create something truly captivating.

While his glittery sounds are reminiscent of Australia’s favourite pop acts (think Amy Shark and Troye Sivan), Curtis melds elements of pop, rock, and dance to create a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

With bright and exuberant instrumentation, Curtis has crafted the perfect bed for his inspired vocal performance.

Boys Don’t Cry is brimming with deeply infectious vocal melodies that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks.

But that’s not to say this new track is all sunshine and lollipops. Curtis navigates some pretty personal issues on this new offering, tackling his experiences with depression in the past.

This unique mix of weighty subject matter and glossy pop hooks make for a truly endearing listen.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.