PREMIERE: Lose yourself in the strange maze of Intenso’s The Stars Are Cold Toys

Walking into the music of Perth outfit Intenso is like walking into some strange maze; you’ll stumble around with a weird feeling of disorientation, with no real desire of exiting.

Their music is bizarre and completely enthralling – and today, we’re stoked to premiering their brand new EP The Stars Are Cold Toys.

On their enthralling new EP The Stars Are Cold Toys, Perth outfit Intenso reach a captivating balance between ambience and intensity.

On the new EP, the three-piece navigate a unique blend of experimental jazz and prog rock to craft a sound that’s unlike anything we’ve before.

With throbbing, blood-curdling instrumentation, their free-flowing improvisational style is both unnerving and energetic – an usual balance between ambience and intensity.

This unique duality results in one of the most captivating listens we’ve come across in some time.

EP opener Blood Shrinks Everything is a slow-burning epic that’ll slap you in the face a hundred times over throughout its eight minute duration.

False Kings is the EP’s shortest track, yet perhaps its most boundless. With head-spinning percussion and eery synth work, the song will draw you into an unshakeable trance.

By the time the EP’s closer The Machines Are Learning To Keep Their Secrets fades back out of existence, you’ll have been drawn completely into the bizarre world of Intenso.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.