PREMIERE: Liquid Time tear apart the psychedelic rulebook with Whinge and Whine

At what point does the psych scene become oversaturated? Never, because screw y’all, we love it.

Liquid Time are a five piece from Sydney’s beaches that play an especially dastardly breed of psychedelic rock, something to move mountains and roll back eyeballs. Today they’ve dropped their latest, a lengthy opus titled Whinge And Whine… give it a crack below.

liquid time whinge and whine

Liquid Time brace for liftoff on Whinge And Whine, a brazenly messed-up psychedelic opus that’ll turn your brain upside down.

Like their debut single Fault LineWhinge and Whine doesn’t boast a common song structure. After getting your usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus well and truly out of the way, the track swings into a breakdown that occupies most of its second half.

It’s a sweeping and consistent crescendo which never lets up, a magic carpet ride into the furthest reaches of Liquid Time’s stratosphere.

Effect work rings through the song heavily, but surprisingly, I didn’t find it to be overused. Phaser sweeps, bleeps, and stings of cosmic feedback appear every other bar, sewn into the fabric of the song’s existence rather than smacked on as an afterthought.

Whinge and Whine does what psychedelic rock is meant to do; it’s a beautiful kind of head music that sends you to a place above the clouds, an escapist wonderland you’ll never want to leave.


Liquid Time are celebrating the release of Whinge and Whine with two gigs this June. Grab the dates below, and head to the band’s Facebook page for more details.

Fri 1 June – The Record Crate, Sydney – with The Vitriots / Drued / Sasafraz
Fri 22 June – Sunk Bar, Narrabeen – with Otis Thomas / Lincoln’s Gold