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PREMIERE: Loose Change by Indiago is the rowdy Aussie film clip you’ll wish you were part of

Adelaide is gaining a bigger and bigger name for itself lately, especially in the rock scene. And if you haven’t made it down south just yet, the new clip from Indiago will make you want to.

Loose Change sees William Solomon, James Fishers, Harry Townsend, Shane Cox and a troop of friends embark on a classic Aussie journey; the humble fridge-to-fridge. Hopping on their pushbikes between a slew of house parties in Adelaide Hills, it’s pretty clear this was an all-day affair.

And a pretty messy one at that.

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Beer pong, roof dives and backyard gigs: crack a tinny and spend a day in the sun with Indiago in their new clip Loose Change.

When asked about the clip’s concept, Indiago had the following to say:

“Everyone rode custom push-bikes, made up of old Sacktrucks, kegs, tandem bikes, and we peddled our drunk arses from house party to house party.

We thought it’d be a real shame not to film the whole thing and it seemed to work well with the substance of the new track, Loose Change.”

It’s tough to draw your attention away from the shenanigans of the clip, but beneath the rowdiness there’s an absolutely killer track. Solomon’s commanding lead vocals hit the front of the mix like a railgun, the opening hook “Shit I’m drunk again” smashing it’s way into a listener’s consciousness with the force of a wrecking ball.

He’s backed up by some tight rhythm work on the guitar and bass, the track’s driving force, in bed with the percussion throughout. Meanwhile the lead axe cuts through beautifully, drenched in a choral reverb that shoots for the skies.

Loose Change is an ode to the drinking buddies you can’t live without, the tight-knit group of fellow revellers who jump in and out of your life when there’s a party on the cards.

Those mates will never disappoint, and if their work to date is anything to go by, neither will Indiago anytime soon.


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April 21, 2017