PREMIERE: Lost Dog Constellation bring a refreshing taste to world music with Man From Cadiz

Lost Dog Constellation is the brainchild of Jordan born classical guitar and oud player Mike Hassan and Texan vocalist Trevor Vaughn. Marrying contemporary lyricism with traditional and eclectic world musicianship, this is one group who veers off of any prescribed path and makes a sound that’s truly their own.

This single Man From Cadiz is sombre and wild, pulling up deep and emotive vocal hooks, the track is a triumph of smooth guitar and lulling melodies. Vaugn’s vocals are astounding, cinematic and bold, all you can think of is desert scenes and wide open starry skies.

Lost Dog Constellation

Multi-instrumentalist act Lost Dog Constellation interweaves Eastern and Western sonic landscapes to deliver a textural and brilliantly unique new single.

If anything Man From Cadiz is plucked straight from a soundtrack, it’s complex and contemplative. Akin to the songs of meditation and reflection, you’ll get completely lost in its calming and serene undertones.

Lost Dog Constellation also brings together cello by Marta Bagratuni and drums from Juan Pablo Pastor, crafting a distinct accessibility to their music which is not hard to fall in love with.

There is a purpose behind their sound that lays in taking their listener to another world, traversing oceans, languages and cultures to bring you to a common place in their music. The gritty and modern infliction to Vaugn’s vocals wraps the entire track in a mysterious and alluring shroud. Man From Cadiz is a fantasy, filled with adventure and imagination.

If you’re in New York and looking for something that takes you away from the sugar pop and into a more intellectual and considered sphere, then we cannot recommend Lost Dog Constellation enough. With a record on the way and new tracks just around the corner, these guys are championing contemporary world music with a blues soul flavour.