PREMIERE: ‘Safe Skin’ by Capre

Brisbane duo, Capre, slide down the spine with their latest single, Safe Skin, an immersive, electronic/punk anthem.

Capre, the slippery, 8 year strong duo hailing from Brisbane, spill the antidote of body insecurity with their latest tack, Safe Skin. 

The track stretches at the seams with it’s lustful layers, oozing down the body with nerve-pinching vocals and a dreamy guitar riff.

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Safe Skin was brought to life by producer Patrick Hameon and vocalist/guitarist Patrick Costello. Together with guitarist and friend, Ben Marnane (New York), and mix engineer/producer, Jack Prest (301 Studios Sydney), the creatives blend the punk and electronic genres like a strand of golden DNA – wrapping around the bones as Costello sings; “I feel it like you feel it/I think you feel it too”. 

The single was inspired by the plight of body image pressures, the feeling of being secure in your own skin behind closed doors – only to have it swung open to contemporary standards, as hard-hitting as the thumping bass in the climax of the tune.


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Capre latch on to this sense of intimacy and without even realising, saturate the sonic waves with a calming warmth – welded as securely as the duo’s half-naked bodies on the album cover.

“Do you feel safe in your skin? Just like you do” Capre sing, a chorus that saturates every inch of the body. And as if you weren’t hypnotised enough, the lyrics are uttered in French; “Se sentir en sécurité dans sa peau”. 

Safe Skin is a thumping rhythm that ignites the senses, wrapping around the body in a sonic blanket of honey harmonies, stitched in a gold-threaded tune.

Coming from a steady stream of sold-out shows, Capre are without a doubt the sun rays worth swallowing. The pair will be performing a Safe Skin launch on 4 September at The Brightside Brisbane.

Become encompassed by Capre’s Safe Skin below: