PREMIERE: Go deep into another world with Spaceface’s mind-rending interactive clip Sun Kids

Alt pop dream boys Spaceface, a Memphis five piece fronted by Jake Ingalls of The Flaming Lips, have taken us into a whole new universe in their music video for Sun Kids featuring Mikaela Davis.

Using an alternate world crafted by Vinyl Williams, this escapade through video game-like worldscapes is transcendent and captivating. Using bright colours and 3D effects, it’s almost impossible to tear your eyes away from the fantasy journey.

Traversing medieval castles and wild skylines, the clip is as trippy as it is realistic. Swirling between each fragment of this heavenly universe are plumes of coloured smoke, tying in the reverb-soaked track to its cinematic accompaniment.

spaceface sun kids video

All we can say is if you have been smoking some good stuff, this video from Spaceface will either be the best thing you’ve seen all day, or the undoing of your brain.

Of the clip the band has said, “Sun Kids is a 360 degree experience that impresses upon the space outside of the human cognitive mechanism. These images come from a history of scientists, alchemists, and hermeticists such as Francis Bacon, Bruce Rimell, Pablo Amaringo, Paul Laffoley and their visions of a harmonious land in between space and time.”

Sun Kids takes its audience into a world beyond the music and into a void of possibility and wild imagination. Probably the dopest thing about the clip is that you can actually play around with it, being a 360 degree clip, the interactivity will blow your mind.

The band have said that the reasoning for such a release lies in the need to find a point of difference. Well, if Sun Kids is anything to go by, you’d be hard pressed to find a clip with more originality and intrigue.

Spaceface are serious masters of the mind, formulating an entire universe to function as the canvas for their dream pop sound. Absolute masterpiece of a clip.


Spaceface will be hitting a string of dates in the States this October. Find the details here.

Sun Kids the album is available on Bandcamp now. You can also pre-order yourself the LP on vinyl through Friends Records.