PREMIERE: Summer arrives with Napier's new clip Sundance Romance

PREMIERE: Summer has well and truly arrived in Napier’s new clip Sundance Romance

Melbourne’s Napier are here to kick start summer with their sun drenched new video Sundance Romance.

The infectious, laid back vibe of the song is captured perfectly in the video’s feel good journey through beaches and fun times. It follows the band and company breezing through summer love in a stunning yellow Ford station wagon, with no shortage of chilled vibes.

Pop yourself open a cold beer and watch it above.

Napier’s new video for Sundance Romance will evoke those warm tingly feelings that come about when the summer sun hits the back of your neck.

The video will leave you in desperate anticipation of those smoking summer days when the sun smacks the bitumen so hard it hurts your feet to walk on it.

The soulful indie rock band started when primary school mates Nelson Dore, James Taylor and Mitch Dedman began belting out tunes together. The band released their debut single Shake! Shake! Shake! in 2016, and released their debut EP earlier this year. Sundance Romance featured on the six track EP of the same name.

Napier have been funnelling good times into energetic live performances for years now. Fuelled by a true love of making music and playing it, Napier have established themselves as a band to watch.