PREMIERE: Tetsuians bring rock to the halls of a hospital in stir crazed new music video for ‘So It Goes’

It has a slight hallucinatory feel,” vocalist Trent Price says of Tetsuians’ hospital-bound new video for So It Goes.  

Tetsuians have today (April 5) released the official music video for their latest single So It Goes. A bluesy, classic rock cut, So It Goes is the final single to be lifted from the Melbourne band’s 2022 album Repairs and Alterations.

Tetsuians lead singer Trent Price opens the track with hazy vocals and assists from Chris Corvetti’s nostalgic guitar strums. Later, So It Goes slows the tempo for a punchy and climactic drum sequence courtesy of Andrew Jackson, as Luke Guan provides a groovy bassline throughout. 

Tetsuians video premiere 'So It Goes'

In between cymbal clashes and surf rock licks, Price sings of transactional relationships and “melodramatic neighbours,” with the titular adage serving as a catchy refrain.

With its indie riffs and ear for satisfying melodies, So It Goes sees Tetsuians harness their collective talents for a soft-rock earworm — one of many released by the band since their 2019 self-titled debut.

The single is accompanied by a just-released music video, which premieres exclusively on Happy Mag today. 

The clip compiles footage of Price’s stint in hospital in July 2021, after suffering a severe case of pancreatitis. Shot during the COVID-19 lockdown, Price tells Happy Mag that the music video was a way to “amuse myself without being able to see visitors.”

The resulting clip features all the staples of a stir crazed hospital stay, from constantly ticking clocks to endless hallways. Later, Price is joined by his bandmates, who handle their respective instruments while fittingly sporting scrubs, face masks and stethoscopes.   

Tetsuians video premiere 'So It Goes'

I’d completely forgotten about the footage until I was doing a data cleanout,” Price said of the video in a press statement. “So the band decided to shoot some complimentary footage to match what I’d already recorded.” The vocalist describes the So It Goes clip as having “a slight hallucinatory feel,” and leaves viewers questioning: “are the band with me or not?” Watch the full music video for Tetsuians’ latest single So It Goes below. 

Repairs and Alterations is Tetsuians’ third album, and serves as the follow up to their 2020 sophomore effort Elephant Hexagon. Listen to the band’s latest single So It Goes below.