PREMIERE: The Bonnie Doons release their groovy sophomore EP ‘The Betweeners’

A perfect cocktail for summer: The Bonnie Doons swirl buoyant reggae and zesty grooves around the rim of their new EP.

As we all pace toward the finish line of the year that’s been, we remain in hopeful denial that once that line is crossed, we will be free from the restrictions on life and the Aussie summer ahead. The few things holding together this happy state of renunciation is the promise of warmth, boozy BBQs, and a soundtrack to carry us into a fresh year.

This life limbo between the worst of 2020 and the potential of 2021 is nourished by The Bonnie Doons’ aptly named EP.  The Betweeners is the second EP from Brisbane five-piece, following the release of several singles. It’s danceable, guitar-forward, and infectious to the touch. If you’re a fan of the reggae-rock fusion of tastemakers like Sticky Fingers and Ocean Alley, meet your new favourite band: The Bonnie Doons.

The Bonnie Doons

Opening with the title track, a wall of sound greets the listener with a hugely infectious beat. Bombastic bass meets bouncy drum and easy riffs. A cacophony of vocals open out from the verse-chorus-verse-chorus setting and take on their own agenda. Introducing their expert lyricism through quickened rap-inspired moments, the band weave between slackened tempos and spitfire rounds that keep you on your toes.

Military-esque drums bring in track two. JIÉM is a rhythmic gem that leans into the psych-rock tendencies to let the reverb do the talking. This fuzz frenzy transcends the intensity of the chorus and injects the aesthetic with a colourful atmospheric soundscape throughout. Melding together a unique sense of playfulness, The Bonnie Doons have taken the best parts of all the forward-slash rock genres.


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Track three is a romantic palette cleanser at first, bringing the pace right down before changing gears completely. Hip-hop flavoured sections supercharge with pace spark conviction with every word:

“Ultimately it is about being truthful to yourself; to quit deceiving yourself because it’s easier at the time, and having the confidence to stick to your guns,” the band explain. “In a day where anxieties are prevalent everywhere, we’re trying to focus on making our actions more deliberate. Don’t just sit back and let life happen to you. We should all be the main character in the movie that is our life.”

Undulating with the EP at all times is the tangible essence of an Australian summer. Whether The Bonnie Doons conjure the musical connotations of Lime Cordiale or Hilltop Hoods, you’ll feel saturated in the festival vibes of good times gone and of the celebratory ones to come.

Engineered by ARIA winning engineer Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone), the full EP can be enjoyed here first: