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PREMIERE: E No Dey Easy from Unchained XL is a piece of afrofunk glory

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Nigerian rapper Unchained XL (aka UXL) embraces the best of soul, funk, RnB, and hip hop to deliver the percussive new single E No Dey Easy.

With pointed and honest lyricism and no shortage of infectious grooves, Unchained XL brings an explosive new energy to the hip-hop scene.

With his new track E No Dey Easy, Auckland-based Nigerian rapper Unchained XL delivers an electric and colourful performance sure to get your bones moving.

Having been raised listening to afro-funk, UXL lends from the genre’s textures and melodies to create a sound that’s entirely his own.

Having enlisted the help of fellow artists Nuel Nonso and Phodiso Dintwe, E No Dey Easy is a self-produced song that boasts an incredible saxophone solo, soaringly beautiful vocals, and strongly delivered verses.

The Aukland rapper has experience as part of a touring metal band, East Of Eden, and hopes to bring the same energy of a live metal show to the rap community.

What I’ve noticed a lot with live hip hop is that it’s normally like two people and a DJ. And it’s kind of cool, but you’re like, ‘Maybe I could just be here listening to this on Spotify and it wouldn’t make much of a difference,‘” Unchained XL told Tearaway.

Whereas I want to bring a lot more to a live show, so people can always look forward to coming. And that’s what I got from metal.

Check out the video for E No Dey Easy above. The Foreign Legacy EP is out now.


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March 12, 2018