PREMIERE: In the spirit of giving, Waterfall Wash unveil fuzzy new offering Do You Know When It’s Christmas?

Waterfall Wash is a fuzzy alt-pop movement, crafting synth-infused tunes that are oozing with optimism and catchy hooks.

Native to Nashville, Tennessee, this four piece are known for their engaging live sound, electrifying live shows and their natural ability to have fun while making music.

waterfall wash

Do You Know When It’s Christmas? resembles a carol that has done a complete 180, bursting with exuberant vocals, upbeat tempos and driven by electrifying guitar.

With Christmas fast approaching, it only seems fitting Waterfall Wash have conjured up an epic new tune as a nod to everyone’s favourite holiday. Do You Know When It’s Christmas? is a jangly new offering, inspired by a cover that the band couldn’t quite get a grip on.

Drawing inspiration from The Kinks, Waterfall Wash may not have nailed the Father Christmas cover, but they have well and truly proved that a flame can be resurrected from the ashes.

Of the new track, Michael Roddy (vocals) says, “The song is super silly. We wrote it one night after struggling to learn The Kinks’ Father Christmas. After peddling in mid-air for an hour, we gave up and then hashed out our own Christmas original.”

Having previously whipped up their own version of Judy Garland’s Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Waterfall Wash are not only lovers of Christmas, but lovers of life. Radiating a positive energy so profound it’s infectious, it’s hard not to smile when listening to Do You Know When It’s Christmas?

The bright and buoyant new tune is a must for your Chrissy playlist, a refreshing new offering that will encourage you to steer well clear from the painfully repetitive Christmas carols dominating the airwaves.