PREMIERE: Whispering Jackie are noisier than ever in their roaring new single Breaking Up This Time

Sydney based rock outfit Whispering Jackie present their latest single Breaking Up This Time. Gritty and raw, the track has everything you want from garage rock and more.

With some killer reverb and crunchy female vocals, it’s pretty much a skate park montage’s dream.

Filled with brash guitars and coolly delivered drums, Breaking Up This Time is a vicious lead-in to the forthcoming EP from Whispering Jackie.

Adolescent and punchy, the single has a strong vein of dirty angst and fury, and not without attention to detail; Whispering Jackie have delivered a track rich in charisma.

If you’re looking for something to take you back to the complicated conversations and the lost loves, then Breaking Up This Time is for you.

Breaking Up This Time is a track with narrative but not one so personal that we can’t all relate. The moments of realisation as a relationship is disintegrating are hard and real for just about everyone. Whispering Jackie have managed to take that experience and turn it into something ball-busting and gutsy.

A little rough around the edges and not so perfect that it’s contrived, this Sydney band is giving garage rock a real work over, and who isn’t on board with a badass female lead? Having already played a few gigs around Sydney, the three piece are next headed to The Lady Hampshire to release the single.

Hopefully due to be a banging night, supports include Library Siesta and Antonia & The Lazy Susans.

Whispering Jackie are taking the world head on. With just a touch of silky reverb, their sound doesn’t really subscribe to anyone’s expectations, rather it takes on its own vital form. Sassy and powerful, if their live set is anything like this mix I’ll be there in a heartbeat.