PREMIERE: May Lyn dazzles with luxuriant new gem First

PREMIERE: With downtempo beats, off-kilter sonics and charming vocals, May Lyn dazzles on her new single First

Malaysian born, Brisbane based singer and producer May Lyn caused a spot of local uproar in the tail end of 2016 by releasing the first taste of her upcoming EP Vessel.

The track, named Escape, was as lush as silk and just as smooth, a dreamy menagerie of sonic elements taken from electronica,  RnB and everything in between.

Her second single from the EP drops today, another gem named First. As tranquil and lavish as last year’s offering, expect a similar reaction once this hits the shelves.

may lyn first

Atmospheric, gentle and triumphant, the sonics of May Lyn are hard to bind to any one genre, but fantastically addictive nonetheless.

While softer, vocal led synth-pop has been popping up en masse over the last year, May Lyn distinguishes herself with more abstract instrumentation and a charming, purposefully low-energy take on vocals.

First speaks volumes to these artistic choices, resulting in a relatable, atmospheric hit that’s a bone fide downtempo earworm.

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The percussion disavows the simplicity and predictability often associated with other acts in May Lyn’s space, keeping the listener guessing with a slinky mix of clicks, bells and samples before a snare even hits the mix.

May Lyn holds back during her entire intro verse, finally unleashing a set of toms and her commanding kick drum when the chorus comes around, a welcome addition to an already diverse soundscape.

A clean, reverb-drenched guitar line replaces the spot in the mix often reserved for a synth hook or vocal sample, wistfully bringing First back down to earth in a pleasing manner.

Again May Lyn’s leanings towards a homemade individuality triumph over any desire to appeal to the masses using a common formula. Her uniqueness is sublime and much appreciated, and bodes very well indeed for the remainder of Vessel we’re yet to see.

The vocals demand attention without relying on chorus, big notes or repetition. May Lyn’s lyrics are relatable in their simplicity and catchy for the same reason; understandable sentences often catch the ear far better than a whispered vocal wrought with imperceptible metaphors and May Lyn is a mascot for that fact.

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