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The Pretty Littles – Mash Review

the pretty littles mash

Long periods of hard work for little reward can make a man crazy. Whether you’re employed in a stressful office job or as a professional burger flipper, every (wo)man needs their release. For the hard working Melbourne rockers The Pretty Littles, this release comes in the form of sitting half naked in an inflatable pool of canned spaghetti photoshopped onto a tropical beach.

Spaghetti aside, Mash is the debut album from The Pretty Littles. This record is the perfect demonstration that slogging away at your trade will pay dividends, and the quality of your work will be immaculate. Last year, the boys toured pretty much constantly, playing 113 consistently reckless live shows. This devotion (combined with their love for saucy riffs) has cemented them as a talking point for up and coming rock in Australia.

the pretty littles mash

The guys describe their sound as “Bang, Slap, Strum, YELL” and Mash is a testament to this evocative loud puree of smashed guitars, broken bottles and crushed vocal chords. The first single and track off the album, Never Felt Worse, shows the boys at their rocking best. This killer head-banger has tasty loud riffs with a passionate anti-love chorus that builds up to a crescendo comparable to the hair-raising levels of a Super Saiyan. Just sayin’.

The distortion isn’t always turned up to the max though. The Pretty Littles show they have some softer moments in their second single Noobie. Its an emotionally heavy track – the gloomy, eerie mood of which is perfectly captured through lightning fast guitar tremeloes and a video clip filmed on a cloudy, wet Melbourne day.

Their soft side continues to shine in Having Trouble, a continuation of Noobie, which together feels like the mid-album gloom. The heaving chorus in Having Trouble will be sure to have punters arm in arm, belting out the lyrics with their eyes closed. Despite their documented struggles and shortcomings, The Pretty Littles find happiness in Crofty, with positive lyrics and a groovy little guitar solo that rips in to conclude the track. The final hurrah of Mash is the wiggling bass heavy Dingo. This track tells the tale of the naughty ladie’s man Dingo, and is the perfect way for canned spaghetti enthusiasts to round out the album. It’s complete will the howls of animals and strange inclusions of airport P.A. announcements.

The Pretty Littles claim to fame is that they once supported their favourite band The Vasco Era, and the influences that shine throughout Mash are obvious. All the good stuff is mashed in together: big riffs, piercing screams and vocal cord shredding choruses. Mash the independently released, debut album by The Pretty Littles and is out TOMORROW! (The 29th November).

Their relentless touring continues this summer throughout Australia. Be sure to stop by at one of their shows and buy them a coldie, mate.

Friday 29 November – Inca Roads Festival
Friday 6 December – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Saturday 7 December – Upstairs Beresford, Sydney
Friday 20 December – Ed Castle, Adelaide
Saturday 21 December – The Loft, Warrnambool
Saturday 28 December -Espy Front Bar, St Kilda
Thursday 9 January – Frankies Pizza, Sydney
Friday 10 January – Rad Bar, Wollongong



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November 28, 2013

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