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Princess Nokia has announced two new polar opposite albums

Lady of the OG mobile telephone, Princess Nokia, has announced two new albums, Everything is Beautiful and Everything Sucks.

Each album cover features a portrait of the artist reminiscent of those awful school photo shoots, complete with the quintessential cloud background.

Image: DIY Mag

Princess Nokia has preceded her new album releases with two new singles, Green Eggs and Ham and Practice.

Everything is Beautiful was recorded over two years in New York, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles. It represents the “sensitive, feminine side of the gender-fluid artist,” she said in a press release. Everything Sucks, on the other hand, was thrown together in one week, and is “a brash, ruthless and insistent collection.”

From Everything is Beautiful, Green Eggs and Ham is a chirpy, slightly atonal tune exploring the artist’s inner child. Referencing lines from Dr Seuss, she considers the self-acceptance she has grown into.

Practice has a much darker tone than the other, with Princess Nokia perched on the same chair, this time dressed in black with Everything Sucks printed on her t-shirt. Nokia’s signature deep bass beat is overlayed with a delicate piano riff and soft-spoken word that hints at dejection. It’s kind of a hate letter, with lyrics like: “Act nice just to get by / deep down I just hate you guys.”

The albums follow the artist’s global success with Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.) and Tomboy, where she played with creative personas and different modes of expression.

Both albums will be released on February 26th. Listen to both singles below.


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February 25, 2020