Promoter mistakes punter for DJ with same name, gets trolled with hilarious playlist

Cases of mistaken identity happen to the best of us. Sometimes you and a sibling look the same in a crowd, or perhaps you share the same name with a stranger. Usually people correct the mistake and move on with their lives. Except for this cheeky fella, who trolled the shit out of this club promoter who had mistaken him for a DJ with the same name.

Danny James Elliot from Leeds, England, happens to share the same name as DJ Elliot. DJ Elliot had recently scored a sweet headline gig at a local club. The promoter decided to get in contact with DJ Elliot through Facebook messenger. As you can imagine, he got in contact with the wrong Elliot, who ran with the mistake, assuming his new DJ identity and requesting of the promoter smoke machines, jacuzzis and live animals. Not to mention including in his set list classic club bangers like Man I Feel Like A Woman, YMCA and the classic troll song, Never Gonna Give You Up.

Elliot (the fake DJ) posted his entire correspondence with the promoter online, and it is a sight to behold.

DJ mistake 1

DJ mistake 2

DJ mistake 3

DJ mistake 4

DJ mistake 5

DJ mistake 6

DJ mistake 7

DJ mistake 8

DJ mistake 9

DJ mistake 10

DJ mistake 11

DJ mistake 12

DJ mistake 13

DJ mistake 14

DJ mistake 15

DJ mistake 16

DJ mistake 17

DJ mistake 18

DJ mistake 19

DJ mistake 20

DJ mistake 21

First seen on Thump.